The Top Home Décor Trends of 2021: DIY Edition

In today’s fast-paced world, our homes have become more than just a place to live – they are our sanctuaries, our havens of peace and tranquility.​ And as the year 2021 unfolds, there’s no better time to give your home a fresh, new look.​ Whether you’re redecorating your entire space or simply wanting to add a touch of style, we’ve rounded up the top home décor trends of 2021 that you can easily achieve through some DIY magic.​ Get ready to transform your home into a haven of style and comfort.​

1.​ The Power of Plants

There’s a reason why biophilic design – the blending of nature and architecture – is making waves in the interior design world.​ Not only do plants add a pop of color and freshness to any space, but they also have a myriad of benefits for our well-being.​ Embrace the trend by creating your own indoor jungle.​ Invest in a variety of houseplants, from towering palms to adorable succulents, and strategically place them throughout your home.​ The best part? They’re relatively low-cost and require minimal effort to maintain.​ So go ahead, bring nature indoors and let its calming influence transform your space.​

2.​ Upcycling: Transform Trash into Treasure

One of the biggest trends in home décor this year is upcycling, the art of transforming old or unwanted items into something new and beautiful.​ Not only is upcycling a fantastic way to reduce waste and practice sustainability, but it also allows you to showcase your creativity and personality.​ From repurposing old furniture to turning mason jars into stylish vases, the possibilities are endless.​ So instead of throwing away that old wooden pallet or that vintage Singer sewing machine, think about how you can breathe new life into them and create unique pieces that will become conversation starters in your home.​

3.​ Embracing Earthy Tones

In 2021, we’re seeing a shift towards warmer, earthy tones in home décor.​ Think shades of terracotta, burnt orange, and moody browns.​ These colors not only create a cozy and inviting atmosphere but also evoke a sense of groundedness and connection to nature.​ Bring these hues into your home by adding accents like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork that feature earthy tones.​ You can also experiment with painting a feature wall or even an entire room in these colors for a bold yet soothing effect.​ Whatever you choose, embracing earthy tones is a surefire way to stay on-trend this year.​

4.​ The Art of Macramé

Macramé, the art of knotting cord or string to create intricate patterns, has made a comeback in a big way.​ From statement wall hangings to plant hangers and even lampshades, macramé can add a touch of bohemian chic to any space.​ Don’t worry if you’re not a macramé expert – there are plenty of tutorials and kits available online to guide you through the process.​ So grab some macramé cord, your favorite Spotify playlist, and get ready to create stunning, handcrafted pieces that will make your home truly one-of-a-kind.​

5.​ The Versatility of Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Gone are the days of tedious wallpaper installation and painstaking removal.​ Peel and stick wallpaper has become all the rage this year, and for good reason.​ Not only is it a breeze to install, but it also gives you the freedom to change up your space whenever the mood strikes.​ Whether you want to create a bold feature wall or instantly transform a boring piece of furniture, peel and stick wallpaper is your new best friend.​ With endless patterns, colors, and textures to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your home’s aesthetic.​

6.​ Cozying Up with Textiles

There’s something undeniably comforting about wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy blanket or sinking your toes into a plush rug.​ In 2021, layering textiles and adding soft textures to your home is not only a trend but a necessity.​ Start by investing in some oversized knit throws or faux fur blankets that you can drape over your sofa or bed.​ Add a few fluffy accent pillows and a shaggy rug, and you’ll instantly create an inviting space that begs to be cuddled up in.​ So embrace the cozy trend and make your home a sanctuary of comfort and warmth.​

7.​ Lighting the Way

Last but certainly not least, lighting plays a crucial role in creating the perfect atmosphere in your home.​ And in 2021, we’re seeing a shift towards unique and statement-making lighting fixtures.​ From modern chandeliers to sleek wall sconces, there are endless options to choose from.​ Consider adding a statement pendant light above your dining table or swapping out your bedside lamps for something more eye-catching.​ And don’t forget about natural light – embrace it by hanging sheer curtains or installing skylights to let the sunshine in.​ Remember, lighting has the power to completely transform the mood and ambiance of a room, so don’t underestimate its importance.​

Revamp Your Kitchen with these Trendy DIY Ideas

1.​ The Power of Open Shelving

Are you tired of rummaging through cluttered cabinets in search of that one spice you need? Open shelving is the solution you’ve been waiting for.​ Not only does it make finding and organizing your kitchen essentials a breeze, but it also adds a touch of modernity and style to your space.​ Install a few floating shelves and showcase your colorful dishware, stylish glassware, and even your beloved cookbooks.​ Just make sure to keep things neat and organized, as open shelving can quickly turn into a mess if not properly maintained.​

2.​ Bring the Outdoors In with an Herb Garden

Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs in your favorite recipes, and with a DIY herb garden, you’ll never be without them.​ Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a tiny balcony, there’s always a way to create your own green oasis.​ You can repurpose old tin cans as planters, hang a vertical herb garden on a blank wall, or even create a windowsill garden with mason jars.​ Not only will your herbs be within arm’s reach when you’re cooking, but they’ll also add a pop of greenery to your kitchen.​

3.​ Embrace the Charm of Vintage Finds

Incorporating vintage elements into your kitchen is a fantastic way to add character and charm to the heart of your home.​ Visit flea markets or thrift stores to find unique pieces like antique scales, vintage tea sets, or retro-inspired utensils.​ You can even repurpose old mason jars as stylish spice holders or create a statement wall display with vintage tin signs.​ The key is to mix and match these vintage finds with your existing kitchenware to create a curated and eclectic look.​

4.​ Make a Statement with a Bold Backsplash

Who says kitchen backsplashes have to be boring?

Home décor
This year, make a statement with a bold and eye-catching backsplash that will instantly elevate your kitchen’s style.​ From geometric patterns to colorful mosaic tiles, the options are endless.​ If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even create your own unique backsplash using materials like reclaimed wood or pressed tin ceiling tiles.​ Get ready to turn heads and make your kitchen the envy of all your friends with a standout backsplash.​

5.​ Create a Coffee Bar for the Caffeine Lover

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, why not dedicate a corner of your kitchen to your favorite beverage? Create a coffee bar complete with a stylish espresso machine, a selection of gourmet coffee beans, and an array of cute mugs.​ You can also add some open shelving to display your collection of coffee-themed books or vintage coffee paraphernalia.​ This DIY project will not only elevate your kitchen’s style but also make your daily coffee routine feel like a special treat.​

Transform Your Living Room with these Exciting DIY Projects

1.​ Get Artsy with Gallery Walls

No living room is complete without a stunning gallery wall.​ It’s the perfect way to showcase your favorite artwork, family photos, and even cherished mementos.​ Start by selecting a variety of frames in different shapes and sizes, then fill them with artwork and photos that speak to you.​ Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and mediums – the more eclectic, the better.​ Lay out your gallery wall arrangement on the floor before hanging to ensure a balanced and visually appealing composition.​

2.​ Channel Your Inner Picasso with Abstract Art

Abstract art is a great way to add a burst of color and personality to your living room.​ And the best part? You don’t need to be a talented artist to create your own masterpiece.​ Grab a blank canvas, some acrylic paints, and a selection of brushes, and let your creativity run wild.​ Experiment with different brush strokes, color combinations, and textures.​ The end result will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art that reflects your unique style and adds a vibrant touch to your living room.​

3.​ Cozy Up Your Space with a DIY Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of a fireplace on a cold winter’s night.​ But if you don’t have a built-in fireplace in your living room, fear not – you can create your own faux fireplace with a little DIY magic.​ Start by selecting a beautiful mantel or create your own using reclaimed wood or an old fireplace surround.​ Add some candles or fairy lights inside to mimic the flickering flames.​ Not only will this DIY project provide a cozy ambiance, but it will also become a focal point in your living room.​

4.​ Embrace the Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors are a powerful tool when it comes to expanding and brightening up a small living room.​ Hang a large, statement mirror on a blank wall to instantly make the space feel larger and more open.​ You can also create a gallery wall of smaller mirrors in various shapes and styles for a unique and eclectic look.​ And don’t forget about the placement – strategically hang mirrors opposite windows or light sources to maximize their reflective properties and flood your living room with natural light.​

5.​ Create a Reading Nook for Literary Escapes

If you’re a bookworm, a cozy reading nook is an essential addition to your living room.​ Find a corner with plenty of natural light and add a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge.​ Pile on some plush cushions and a soft throw blanket for ultimate coziness.​ Install some floating shelves nearby to hold your favorite books, and don’t forget proper lighting like a floor lamp or a dedicated reading light.​ This DIY project will not only provide you with a quiet escape to dive into your favorite books but also add a stylish and inviting element to your living room.​

Elevate Your Bedroom with these DIY Projects

1.​ Create a Dreamy Canopy

Who says you need a four-poster bed to create a dreamy canopy? With a simple DIY curtain rod and some lightweight sheer fabric, you can turn any bed into a cozy and romantic escape.​ Install the curtain rod above your bed, then drape the fabric over it in a cascading manner.​ Use fairy lights or string lights to further enhance the magical atmosphere.​ This DIY project will transport you to a luxurious hotel suite every time you step into your bedroom.​

2.​ Add Drama with a Statement Headboard

Boring headboards are a thing of the past.​ In 2021, it’s all about making a statement with a headboard that demands attention.​ Whether you opt for a plush upholstered headboard or create a show-stopping backdrop using reclaimed wood or even tiles, the choice is yours.​ Consider the overall theme and style of your bedroom when selecting your headboard, and let it become the focal point that ties the whole space together.​ Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – the only limit is your imagination.​

3.​ Embrace the Serenity of a DIY Meditation Corner

Creating a meditation corner in your bedroom is a wonderful way to invite calm and serenity into your space.​ Find a small corner near a window or a blank wall and add a comfortable meditation cushion or yoga mat.​ Decorate the area with plants, candles, and calming artwork to create a tranquil atmosphere.​ You can also incorporate nature-inspired elements like a small tabletop fountain or a meditation altar.​ This DIY project will provide you with a peaceful retreat where you can relax, unwind, and find your inner Zen.​

4.​ Make a Splash with a Vibrant Rug

Rugs are a powerful tool when it comes to adding style and personality to your bedroom.​ Opt for a vibrant and patterned rug that complements your existing color scheme and adds a burst of energy and life to the space.​ Whether you prefer bold geometric patterns, abstract designs, or nature-inspired motifs, there’s a rug out there that will suit your style.​ Just make sure to choose a size that fits the proportions of your bedroom and anchor the rug with non-slip padding.​

5.​ Get Creative with DIY Nightstands

Tired of traditional nightstands that lack personality? Why not create your own unique pieces that reflect your style and creativity? From repurposing old suitcases or vintage trunks to transforming wooden crates or even stacking books to create a makeshift nightstand, the possibilities are endless.​ Not only will these DIY nightstands add a touch of whimsy to your bedroom, but they’ll also provide you with functional storage solutions for your bedtime essentials.​

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